Video for Sales Comes to SalesReach, Announcing the Launch of BuyerVideo!

announcing buyervideo

We’re excited to announce the launch of the video-enhanced buyer portal experience, BuyerVideo! A simple, personalized way to use video for sales and buyer enablement. 

Today, Salespeople are just one channel for information. They’re no longer the channel. Buyers will bounce around the internet, gathering information from any channel to get what they need. The channels you offer matter less than the journey the buyer goes on with your company. 

We live in an always on-demand world—that goes for sales too! 

Regular people like you and I don’t care where they gather their research, which channel they buy on, or how or when they want to interact with salespeople. Without guidance, we can end up feeling pretty overwhelmed with information. The rabbit hole of research, am I right?

Salespeople have the power to give buyers the best experience through guidance and practical experience. Still, many lack easy to use tools to make it happen online. Everyone loses out, salespeople miss opportunities, and buyers are left to wander the internet. 

The 2020 State of Marketing Report from Salesforce, “when buying for businesses, customers now expect the same type of empathy and engagement as they do when buying for themselves.” 

The best experience wins. 

It’s like this: how you bought something on Amazon is how buyers want to buy from any business. The new standard is here. 

Just like Todd Hockenberry said the first episode of our new show, The Buyer Enablement Podcast

“[Buyers say] I want it now. I want it quick. I want it Amazon-friendly. I want it easy. I want to find an answer to my questions at 10:30 pm before I go to bed or 6:00 am before my kids wake up on a Saturday. I don’t want to talk to a salesperson, don’t waste my time. I want to self-service. I don’t even want to talk to you about a demo. I want to be able to find value in your demo by myself at my own pace. I want to hit 1.5 [play speed on the video] and speed it up if you’re boring—all on my own. Then I want to see testimonials and read reviews. Then I’m going to make a decision.”

— Todd Hockenberry, Consultant | Advisor | Coach (Industrial Inbound, Manufacturing Marketing, Inbound Marketing) @ Top Line Results and Co-Author of The Inbound Organization

Is this a disaster for salespeople? 

We don’t think so. It just means change, and with change comes more opportunities. 

That’s why we’ve added BuyerVideo to SalesReach. A simple, personalized way to use video for buyer enablement. 

What is BuyerVideo?

BuyerVideo is the simplest way to record and share personalized videos that give your buyers a fast lane to the value you bring. Enhance your pitch with the quickest way to build trust and get your point across while making a human connection.

In sales, we all work hard to bring deals across the finish line and win more customers. 

Sometimes, more often than not, closing a deal can feel so close. Your buyer needs a nudge—but you’re in a holding pattern. It happens all the time.

You probably have big plans for when that deal closes, right? Our CEO used to keep photos of expensive music equipment he wanted to buy to motivate him to make the calls and send the email necessary to hit those goals. 

But there’s a problem. 

Your best-written emails look like everyone else’s. Everyone is sending attachments, files, and downloads. It’s simply on the buyer to keep track of everything.  

That is, until now. 

You’re the one who’s going to close this deal. 

Salespeople are better when they can make a connection.

You’re more than a plain old email. 

Your personality and sense of humor have closed more deals than we will ever honestly know. That’s because people do business with people they trust. 

So to nudge those deals along, you’ve just got to get a conversation going because you know you’d convince them if you could only talk to them. 

If only you could get a meeting or get them to pick up the phone.

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Now, there’s a way around that. 

It’s the best way to build trust in today’s sales environment. 

Introducing, video for a better buying experience.

Buyers want to feel in control. Buyer enablement is ta new way sellers can ease the difficulty of purchase and win with speed, experience, and practical advice.

You can relate. When was the last time it felt good to pick up for a number you didn’t recognize?

The most engaging way to make a personal connection is through video. Imagine recording a personalized video message that delivers all the value of an in-person call without playing the pick-up game or phone tag. 

Video is the preferred way to consume information for over 60% of executives, according to HubSpot.

Because you know what? How many times have you thought to yourself? 

Why would I read this news story when I can watch the 30-second video summary at the top?

Wait, who is this company—where’s the explainer video?

Man, I wish I could see this product in action—where’s the demo video?

Don’t get me wrong; there’s a medium for every seller, but the best experience wins when it comes to buyers. If you make it easy, they’ll thank you for giving them a video trailer over the novella every time.

Video is the future of sales. 

It’s getting hard to stand out. You might be feeling like you’re getting ignored, your emails are getting read in the wrong voice, or no one wants to talk to a salesperson.

It’s time to play a different game.

Leave the email back-and-forth to your competitors and instead use video to make the human connection you need to build trust. 

Create professional videos just as easily as leaving a voicemail or hopping on a Zoom call with BuyerVideo and the video-enhanced buyer portal experience from SalesReach. 

Why should salespeople use video?

The CEO looks good, but you don’t need a set up like this to rock BuyerVideo.

Meet buyers where they’re at

The new buyer’s journey isn’t linear. That means that buyers are bouncing all over the internet to learn things. Most buyers in B2B are obsessed with learning and analyzing every little thing. Who know’s when they’ll talk to sales.

Your buyer might be talking to a salesperson right when they’re learning about solutions or way later. The fact is they have a series of jobs to be done before they make a purchase. As a salesperson, you need to make purchasing easy. 

BuyerVideo gives you a way to provide resources with context and guide buyers through an experience. Do the work for them by showing them how it gets done. Show, don’t tell. 

Get a meeting without ever booking one

We’ve talked to hundreds of salespeople, and the #1 thing that everyone wants more of is meetings. It’s not leads! It’s more FaceTime with people who are ready to buy. Getting meetings is an excellent indicator of revenue in the pipeline.

Now you can deliver all the value of a decisive sales meeting with a video-enhanced buyer portal experience. Replicate your last memorable session by including all the resources and demonstrations you used last time to win the deal. Personalize the messaging and send that to your target buyers.

You are delivering your value in an always on-demand and on-brand environment. You don’t need to struggle to book a meeting on a busy decision maker’s calendar when you can bundle it all up into an Amazon-like experience. 

Stand out with the best buying experience

Let’s say you get two emails from two competing companies from a salesperson at each of these companies. They want to send you a white paper. You’ve got a busy schedule, but today you have time to take a look at these emails. 

Email 1 from Company A

  1. You receive an automated follow-up that has a cool way to put your first name in the greeting. 
  2. It’s got creative writing, but it’s not personalized.  
  3. It has a link to the white paper. 
  4. You click the link that takes you to a website page with a form on it. 
  5. You fill out the form, and the completion text even says, “thank you.”
  6. You’re also told you’ll get the white paper via email, so you wait. 
  7. Then, you get the white paper; it’s 30 pages long. 
  8. Do you wonder if you have time to read this?

Email 2 from Company B

  1. A direct and straightforward email that seems like a real person wrote it in two minutes. 
  2. It mentions an experience you shared recently on LinkedIn and a little nod towards the call you had with this salesperson. 
  3. She writes that she has a white paper that will be useful. 
  4. This email also has a link. You click it. 
  5. You get there, and there’s a video that this salesperson recorded just for you. 
  6. She will walk you through the best parts of the white paper that his company is offering. 
  7. She’s made the white paper available below, along with other resources you’ve talked about. 
  8. You’ve got the main points, and it’s there when you’ve got the time.

The best experience wins. Your sales process should map to, not force, the buyer’s journey. We created BuyerVideo to solve for the buyer and enhance the value sellers can bring to their experience. 

Clarify your message

We’ve all sent that email we thought would go over well but flopped. Too often, what we write and what gets read are two different things.  

Building rapport in sales is a critical part of the job. Let’s admit it—it’s super important to bring value and get clear on what we’re selling, but personality can make a difference. A lot of business happens because there’s a good relationship.  

Video is the best way to make sure your message is on point. Get your point across and show them what it’s going to be like to work with you.

How to get BuyerVideo

The video-enhanced buyer portal experience is a massive addition to the SalesReach product. We wanted to give sellers something that could tie everything together and accelerate the buyer’s journey in a way that buyers want. Sellers can speed up the process and buyers can get right to what they want.

This opens up opportunities for sellers to be the preferred channel for information. They may not be the only channel but sellers are uniquely set up to provide buyers the much-needed guidance they need to complete the set of jobs to be done leading up to a big, potentially complicated, purchase.

We’ve designed BuyerVideo to fit right within the Visual Builder panel so you can flip on the fly. Create a buyer portal and record a video all in one place. We’ve also introduced a new way to reduce clutter. You can choose to record over your previous message so videos do not stack up in your library. 

BuyerVideo is an upgrade for all SalesReach customers and an optional add-on for anyone who wants to bring a better buying experience to their customers.

✨🎞 Personalize every pitch, rehumanize sales, and win better deals. Sign up for BuyerVideo✨🎞