The Era of Buyer Enablement is Here

When we started SalesReach we knew that if we were going help salespeople we had to prioritize the experience of the buyer. A lot of tools focus on helping salespeople get better at logging information, sending better emails, and accessing content. However, most of that gets in the way of delivering value to the customer. A lot of companies will tell you they’re customer-centric, but how many sales teams can show you that they spend most of their time solving for the customer? Most salespeople spend so much time on other things that are unknown and unappreciated to the customer. At SalesReach, we believe that the experience of buying from your company is the key to every deal. We’re championing a new era in sales, it’s called buyer enablement.

Right now, buying experiences suck.

There are two reasons doing business today is way harder than it needs to be.

Top reasons businesses struggle to win revenue online

  1. We’re living through an era of information overload—too much information is overwhelming for buyers
  2. The demands put on frontline salespeople are too great to meet the expectations of the modern buyer

We built SalesReach upon the content management system and paired with the buyer portal so salespeople could, in the easiest way possible, create personalized digital experiences for each and every prospect.

In less time it took to write the email they were going to send they could create a buyer portal to manage the relationship with the prospect.

This has been a powerful combination and has brought companies like Google, WeWork, Workday, TriNet, Renters’ Warehouse, and more the bigger and better deals they have been looking for.

However, we live in a much different time than when SalesReach started just a few months ago.

Buyer enablement is a cure to uncertainty in today’s market

Among other things, information overload is crushing consumer confidence. It’s just to easy to find trustworthy information that is conflicting and further complicates the decision-making process.

A recent study of B2B buyers by top research firm Gartner found

  • 77% said their latest purchase was extremely complex
  • 50% said the amount of trustworthy information was overwhelming
  • 90% struggled to make sense of information gathered from vendors

That’s bad news for salespeople. When buyers feel uncertain they tend to hunker down and they take longer to make a decision if they make a decision at all. When people feel uncertain, that causes pause, and a pause means more time, and time kills deals.

In sales, speed wins. The fastest way to provide the most value should be the heart of your sales strategy

Salespeople need to step in and guide their buyers through the journey toward purchase but they often do not have the resources or time to do that.

For the normal frontline sales rep, there are so many other things they have to get done that it just becomes a numbers game. Quantity over quality is a terrible way to seek out new business.

While stuck at the keyboard many reps wish there was a way they could just talk to their prospects.

In order to sound natural, not pushy, many salespeople love it when they finally get someone on the phone. It’s the best way to earn trust. Just have a conversation and talk it out.

Well, what if you could start that conversation faster? Answer questions ahead of time? Address objections before you’ve got them in for a pitch?

That’s the power of personalized video messaging, get out in front of people before you even have to ask permission. Build demand for that meeting or that phone call by giving the prospect a little taste for the value you bring to an in-person experience.

The good news: buyer enablement is here to help

Buyer enablement is the sales practice that is going to lift buyers out of their shelter-in-place mentality and get us to a way of doing business that was better than ever before.

Buyer enablement is all about making things simple and easy to understand. When you make it easy for your buyer to understand the purchase they feel more confident and more confident buyers purchase more and repeat business.

Imagine what those three things above can do to all of the complex deals of the world. If videos were made in real-time to demonstrate answers to answers as they come up. Consider giving each sales motion a personalized trailer to explain what happens next and what the buyer should expect to happen.

If salespeople had a tool that would get them out from an email inbox and in front of a real person they would truly have the means to stand out from the competition.

For buyers, we know that deals would look a lot simpler. There would be fewer meetings, emails, and random calls.

Even in times of certainty the brain of your buyer is looking for the easiest path towards the greatest reward.

Josh Fedie, CEO SalesReach

Announcing BuyerVideo the best way to simplify the purchase

The experience you provide during the sale is more important than the sale. Furthermore, if it’s not the best experience—you’ll never get the sale.

When you provide the best buying experience, you win. Plain and simple. Think about this, when the buyer feels confident about a purchase they end up spending more and they’re less likely to regret the price tag.

The best way to boost consumer confidence is by earning trust.

That’s why we created BuyerVideo. One-to-one video messaging to personalize the experience of doing business with your company in a digital space like never before.

As you’re considering how to win your next deal. We think it’s super important to consider: how you’re going to make the purchasing process as simple as possible.

BuyerVideo is the easiest way to simplify the purchase because salespeople know how to talk to prospects.

Salespeople are often the experts within their industry but they have to fight hard to get in front of prospects and decision-makers. With BuyerVideo, it’s like having a pitch meeting before even booking one.

Now is the time to up your sales efforts with the power of video because BuyerVideo combines the power of personalized video messaging with a custom-tailored digital experience via the buyer portal.

In less time it takes to write email salespeople can now create a narrated journey through a custom website built just for that customer.

BuyerVideo is paired with the SalesReach buyer portal to offer customers the most value with every interaction and start conversations that are in-depth and really personalized.

With our mission to give salespeople the easiest to use high-impact tools possible we happy to share that BuyerVideo is as easy as a point-and-shoot camera, a Zoom call, or an Instagram story.

When it comes to creating a great experience for your buyers and developing a buyer enablement sales strategy, sales leaders need to find ways to provide more personalization and customized experiences that are available on-demand. The buyer portal has been a perfect solution to quickly give prospects, buyers, and customers relevant content in a personalized way. Now with BuyerVideo, the power to record quick and simple video messages allows reps, account managers, and customer service professionals to get out front with buyers and start earning trust faster than ever.

Do you want to 3x the likelihood of closing your next deal?

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