Social Selling to Make a Living with Daniel Disney of The Daily Sales on The Buyer Enablement Podcast

For the longest time, no one knew who was behind the comedic genius of The Daily Sales. This LinkedIn feed is now infamous amongst the sales community on social media. In fact, The Daily Sales was one of the first accounts Josh Fedie, our CEO, told me to follow if I wanted to understand salespeople.

Daniel Disney started it all and he joins us on The Buyer Enablement Podcast to share pure tried, tested, and proven systems, techniques, and strategies to turn LinkedIn into a lead generating and sales machine.

Listen to Daniel Disney of The Daily Sales on The Buyer Enablement Podcast

Today, over 630,000 people follow this account for a little humor injection to their professional newsfeed. Jaws, the WWE, Leonardo DiCaprio, Anchorman, honey badgers, and even the Lion from The Wizard of Oz—nothing is safe from the meme-machine that is Daniel Disney, founder of The Daily Sales. 

Joining us on the Buyer Enablement Podcast is a guest who’s had us laughing before we even knew his name, Daniel Disney, the king of social selling. He’s here to share stories from the trenches, takeaways from his new book “The Million Pound LinkedIn Message,” and more.  

Disney is quick to point out that he’s not a marketer but given that The Daily Sales has grown to other channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and has a website with sponsorship opportunities—he’s pretty brilliant at it.

As it frequently comes up on the show, marketing and sales are more aligned than ever. That’s really what buyer enablement is all about, just sales as it should be, and according to Disney, LinkedIn is the best place to be a marketing-sales hybrid.

The Daily Sales also features coaching, lessons, and valuable content for sales professionals to up their game, plus the memes we always love to see. Since 2015, the memes keep coming, while Daniel Disney is onto a new venture.

Disney is currently working on his second book and has taken his success with The Daily Sales and kickstarted a coaching business. He’s bullish on social selling, as you can imagine. On the show, he shared with (a giggling) Josh his top tips towards establishing influence in your network, credibility in your industry, and likeability with your ideal buyer. 

Our guest was most excited to talk about one thing—the worst part about LinkedIn: messaging. 

What you’ll learn from Daniel Disney: 

  • How The Daily Sales started
  • How to write LinkedIn messages that start conversations
  • How a personal brand opens doors, you never thought possible

What to listen for:

4:00 – 6:30 Every day is another opportunity for your brand.

7:05 – 9:20 Disney, from the impostor syndrome to writing a book.

10:00 – 13:00 Josh shares the sale that changed his life and launched his career.

13:30 – 14:20 LinkedIn messages work, if you’ve got the fire.

17:00 – 18:10 LinkedIn Secret #1: Stop selling when you’re selling.

18:15 – 19:10 LinkedIn Myth: This is just a Marketing tool.

19:30 – 20:00 Why building a reputation on LinkedIn wins you more deals.

21:06 – 23:50 LinkedIn Myth #2: Everyone says bring value, that’s nonsense.

24:45 – 26:25 LinkedIn Secret #2: You’ll be bad at first, no way around it. Everything is horrible when you start.

26:30 – 27:40 Sharing is the quickest way to bring value.

27:45 – 32:20 Inbound leads yes, but here’s Daniel Disney’s approach to creating opportunities.

32:20 – 35:00 LinkedIn Secret #3: Messages work, but never alone.

35:15 – 36:00 Daniel Disney, ” Buyer Enablement is what sales is today.”

37:00 – 39:40 Are you the Martha Stewart of sales? Josh and Daniel on how entertainment drives sales.

41:00 – 42:40 Disney’s Hot Take: Video backdrops and little details make a huge difference, yes we’re all working from home but you’re still selling something.

43:20 – 46:00 Guest what, the 61st call gets the meeting. Keep going.

46:30 – 47:00 Daniel Disney is a #JoshFan