Announcing: SalesReach and Salesforce Integrate for Better Reporting and New Engagement Analytics

Today’s buyers are even more difficult to predict, even more so now that conditions are so uneven across businesses.

That’s why having the right data can make all the difference.

When we first launched SalesReach we knew that giving sellers the opportunity to provide buyers an exceptional experience would be the differentiator, and it has been for sellers at Google, WeWork, Stratasys, Zipnosis, and more.

However, accessing and understanding data is a big barrier to delivering positive customer experiences.

That’s why we’ve integrated with the leading sales CRM of all time, Salesforce. SalesReach is now integrated with Salesforce.

New Reporting Built for Speed and Attribution

The new SalesReach + Salesforce integration unlocks even more opportunity for SalesReach customers.

With the integration has come an expansion of SalesReach’s analytics offering.

Now, sellers have better data to gather insights quickly, take action, and better enable buyers to move forward.

With just a few clicks, capture everything in Salesforce, the #1 CRM Solution, to enrich your relationship with the customer for even better follow-ups and attribution.

The new Salesforce + SalesReach integration and new analytics offering provide sales managers with deep analysis capabilities and enables front-line sellers, account management, and success teams with intuitive, and quick reports available within one click.

Now, sellers can pair all of the buyer enablement suite’s hyper-personalization apps with all the necessary reporting, attribution, and analysis that Salesforce offers.

SalesReach engagement metrics are available right within Salesforce.

With all of your sales engagement data available in one place, and a suite of engagement apps via Salesreach sellers have everything they need to drive thoughtful and personalized customer journeys.

See a product demo, plus learn actionable tips on how to maximize your integration by booking a demo today.

A whole trove of new engagement analytics is now available to empower sellers to determine where to spend their time best and bring more value to each touchpoint. 

Get answers fast via SalesReach Analytics and Salesforce

  • Get specific customer data on all your Sales Pages; see what Assets were viewed, by whom, and where.
  • Know how many times your video was viewed, including personalized BuyerVideo recordings.
  • See when customers opened your proposal
  • Gather intel on the buying group as unique IP address are logged to your Page
  • Integrate all data with Salesforce

For customers with a SalesReach Pro subscription, even more, customer-data is available.

Edit Pages right from Salesforce

Gate Your Sales Pages 

Set Sales Pages to require an email address to view

Choose how specific you want to get. Allow all emails at a domain like or allow for any email to gain access.

Capture a more detailed view of the customer, who else is interested, and, more importantly, the opportunity.

Salesforce Integration

Connect your SalesReach account to your Salesforce CRM to directly receive real-time updates on any interaction happening on the page

Report on sales activity and know who your most interested buyers are

Contact a SalesReach representative today to upgrade or authorize your account for any of the Pr plan updates.