Leading the Furniture Industry Forward through Buyer Enablement with Adrian Leal of AIS

Read this case study to see how Adrian Leal used SalesReach to win every virtual RFP bid (100% win rate during the pandemic) and tripled (300% increase) his territory sales.

AIS-Furniture is one of the fastest-growing furniture retailers in the industry. When Adrian joined the team, he saw AIS as a company with the potential for rapid growth. Like in many industries, the furniture business is going through a massive shift in how sales teams sell and buyers buy.

One of the newest companies in the sector, AIS, sets itself apart from legacy players by thinking about office furniture differently.  

That’s where Adrian Leal, Territory Manager at AIS, comes in. He wanted to put his mark on the industry and lead the furniture industry towards a better sales process. 

It was Adrian’s forward-thinking that paid off huge when the pandemic canceled tradeshows, grounded reps, and brought about the new normal.  

Adrian has an entrepreneurial mindset and thought AIS was the perfect company to innovate and change its direction. 

When he joined the AIS team, he had over a decade of experience and knew that technology would be the key to leading the market forward.

AIS sells through dealerships, and these relationships are critical. In Adrian’s view, he wanted end-to-end control from AIS to the dealership to the end-user. 

SalesReach provided him with a powerful content management platform that produced a 100% virtual RFP win-rate and a 300% increase in territory sales. 

You have to stand out when relationships are your business.

“SalesReach has helped me establish myself in the market as a leader and create consistency around my cadence with clients. SalesReach sets me apart from other reps,” says Adrian.

The furniture business already has established relationships, with more companies competing today than ever. If a new company like AIS (founded in 1989) were to become the market leader, they needed to compete how the best companies today by providing the best possible experience to their customers. 

“Right away, when I joined AIS, I wanted to make new connections and expand my network. SalesReach was great because everything the other person needs to know about you is on the page, in an environment that I control,” says Adrian, adding that he’s set up a QR code on his business card to bring new contacts to his SalesReach page.

He added, “[SalesReach] is the it-factor that is has set me apart and increased the number of these critical follow-up meetings with prospective clients.”

To stand out, Adrian wanted to emphasize what customers love about doing business with AIS and accelerate the sales process. 

As with many industries, younger talent is entering the furniture business, and buyer perceptions have drastically changed. 

“Everyone out there in business development has their pitch. We were looking for a new way to call on our dealerships. SalesReach has been a huge way to do it and get results,” says Adrian.  

Increasing content utilization in the sales process

Before SalesReach, Adrian would have to assume that his dealership partners kept track of everything he sent them. 

“Maybe they had a folder somewhere on their computer that had the most up-to-date information, who knows if they had what they needed. With SalesReach, it’s just one link, I know they have the content they need on an organized, beautiful page, and I don’t have to ask them to organize it for me,” says Adrian. 

He seriously doubted that even 10% of his clients had AIS content ready on-hand that they could use to answer questions or make more informed decisions. 

Why would the buyer contact a sales rep when Google has all the answers?

“They know how to bookmark things, so that’s what I did for everyone; I created individual Sales Pages to give them one, central place, for everything they needed,” says Adrian. 

Adrian found even better results with SalesReach when he was selling remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. 

Adrian on his 300% increase in territory sales

100% RFP win-rate in a remote sales environment

AIS is doing a lot more Zoom RFP meetings. Adrian has won every single one.

He recalls his motivation at the time, “I said to myself, these Zoom meetings aren’t enough. I need to take it to the next level and make an impact on the deal.”

Before SalesReach, the only way to impact the deal was to provide accuracy with the presales service, such as delivering designs or renderings to spec to my dealership clients to use that information with their buyer. 

“When it came time for the meeting, I was just the information guy. I’d only be there to answer questions about the manufacturing process or the product itself. I was not the concept guy,”  

The dealership is the concept-driver and ultimately selling the solution, where AIS is only one-part.

A lot of people in sales wished they had more control over the sales process; Adrian is no different, “It killed me not to have more control over that sale because I’m a closer. I like to close deals, I thought, what can I do to set us apart from the other dealerships this end-user will have a virtual RFP meeting with?”

Adrian went with SalesReach to provide his dealership partners and the buyer the best experience to impact the deal. 

300% increase in revenue year-over-year 

“When I started, the territory was at $1.2 million. In one year, the territory did $3.6 million. I do have to give a lot of credit to SalesReach. It’s a huge part of my day-to-day business,” said Adrian.

According to Adrian, his dealership or distributor partners don’t have to choose his company, AIS. There are nearly 1,000 other companies out there to choose from when they’re selling to their clients. 

Adrian shared that the partners have a list to choose from, and although price and solution-fit are factors, it all comes down to—who they can trust and the experience delivered from the rep. 

“From a dealership standpoint, SalesReach has helped me stand out, get noticed, and earn trust from multiple people at these dealerships. Then they feel like they can start sending me deals, and we can start working together in a customized way, where I’m able to have more of an impact as the expert on the outcome,” said Adrian. 

SalesReach has accelerated my career.

Because AIS is a fast-growing company, its sales leadership takes an interest in what’s working. 

Adrian’s VP of Sales first learned about Adrian’s success with SalesReach from a dealership who brought up how easy it was to work with Adrian. 

“SalesReach has helped set me apart not only from the competition but as a sales innovator,” says Adrian. 

He added, “My company leadership invited to present at our national sales meeting that we do once a year, we have over one hundred reps present and over five hundred attendees, about how I run my territory and how I differentiate myself. I presented my growth plan, and how SalesReach was a huge part of that, you should see the faces that light up in the crowd. It’s as if they’ve never seen anything like this before.”

Adrian has not lost sight of what he wants to do with his career.

True to his trailblazer ambitions for the furniture industry, he had a jest, “I recommend [SalesReach] to my competitors, I really would. I think any office furniture manufacturer could use this because we all need to take on this new wave of doing business with our partners online.”