Kris Lindahl on Generosity as a Business Strategy

Kris Lindahl on The Founders' Mentality

Episode 27 of The Founders’ Mentality we have real estate CEO, Kris Lindahl, on the show.

It’s very likely that everyone who lives in our neck of the woods knows about Mr. Lindahl. He was awarded 40 Under 40 by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal and his big smile (with a wingspan to match) is seemingly on every billboard, bus, park bench, and overhead at every sporting event.

We wanted to know more about the person behind the blitz of ads and hear from him what else is necessary to support the rapid growth he’s experienced at Kris Lindahl Real Estate.

When a local family’s house burned down, Kris raised tens of thousands of dollars to help them recover, including buying all-new band instruments for the kids.
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About the guest:

  • Kris Lindahl is a CEO, a Business Journal 40 Under 40 winner, a nationally sought-after speaker, a bestselling author, a popular podcast host, and the leader of the #BeGenerous Movement, which encourages people to follow his lead in consistently donating their Time, Talents and Treasures to the communities where they live and work.

Where great business velocity comes from

Kris has nearly three times as many employees today as he did just two years ago.

Hiring is very important to Kris and it’s been key to his business strategy. He’s thrilled to share that he’s not the most capable person on the team that he hires people who are better than he is at functions that may be more important to the success of the business.

“I’m on the same level as anyone else. Arguably there are some people who are higher up than I am,” says Kris.

Maybe it’s because real estate transactions are very personal by nature but regardless Kris Lindahl is a people person and puts a lot of stock into his team’s skills.

“When you hire people who are smarter than you that do a better job at things you’re weak at, that’s where growth and the velocity come from,” said Kris.

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Learn more about Kris Lindahl’s #BeGenerous movement

What you’re doing now will go away

Kris is really open about what has made his business so successful. Sure a lot of people have seen his advertisements, they’re almost notorious at this point, however, what’s really grown his business has been one thing.

“Someone is going to provide a better experience for the consumer so how do I continue to grow that—that’s at the entire foundation of our company,” said Kris.

He added, “If you’re constantly trying to bring a better solution to your consumer, you’ll win.”

Kris is customer-obsessed and he was quick to notice that even in real estate, the Amazon customer, the Uber customer, the Netflix customer are his customers too and they expect a different experience.

“You have to go elsewhere if you stick only within your industry you’ll continue to do things that are antiquated,” said Kris.

Constant innovation on the customer experience has been the name of the game for Kris and he hopes to keep pushing it as his business continues to grow and beyond.

Be generous

When a local family’s house burned down, Kris raised tens of thousands of dollars to help them recover, including buying all-new band instruments for the kids. When beloved youth hockey coach Harv Graczyk died from a traumatic brain injury, Kris used his platform to promote the family’s GoFundMe page, personally contributing thousands of dollars and helping to raise nearly $40,000.

Tracy Call, City Pages

Employees of Kris Lindahl Real Estate are encouraged to give their time, talent, and treasures and apart from the core business is Kris’ philanthropy project, Be Generous.

Real estate disruption is rattling many in the industry as venture capital and technology innovation take increasing amounts of attention and the market. Companies like Zillow, OpenDoor, and Offerpad, and Redfin all racing to seamlessly integrate each individual component of the real estate transaction and dominate as an end-to-end solution provider.

His past working at the big firms have informed his scope of the gap in the market, he saw this coming.

“I can’t tell you how many real estate agents are struggling so bad right now because there was no innovation,” said Kris.

To Kris, innovation does not just arrive because you’ve brought on another tool.

“At many brokerages, agents are just given some SaaS product and some direction but no one adopts them and then they’re completely out of business,” lamented Kris.

The innovation needs to work on both ends where the business can meet the consumer. Kris looks to other industries and notes that they’re all intent on giving consumers information as freely and quickly as possible.

“Companies that may be offering a different service are also educating the consumer—you think about Amazon and frequently asked questions and reviews and information they’re giving away to the consumer, it’s the same thing that the consumer [now] wants in every other verticle,” says Kris.

Today consumers are just more educated and don’t need to contact an agent just to get an answer.

At his company, he’s very focused on giving the consumer the information they want right away. Kris is committed to producing content that educates his following on all the in’s and out’s of the real estate transaction.

He’s also up-front when it comes to giving people the information they want, right away.

Other real estate companies might pre-qualify every lead and only take the best ones, not at Kris Lindahl Real Estate.

The basis for his “guaranteed offer” campaign is flipping the traditional real estate funnel upsidedown, giving the consumers an offer, within only a few clicks on his website.

“Start treating people like a human being, and like there’s nothing to gain, that’s where the ultimate win is,” said Kris.

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