How to Be A Go-Giver with Larry Long Jr. on The Buyer Enablement Podcast

Larry Long JR was on The Buyer Enablement Podcast

Josh loves to say, “People in sales just have more fun.” That’s true, but it can be a rollercoaster ride, for sure. The ups and downs are tangible and for many this past year—too real. Sellers are lucky though because there’s always a reset button every year, every quarter, every week, and every day is a new opportunity. As you gear up for your next opportunity we had Larry Long Jr., Director of Collegiate Sales at Teamworks, on The Buyer Enablement Podcast to share his infectious mile-long smile and some good old fashioned motivational energy.

Larry Long Jr. is a master of the motivational pep, and that includes the virtual space.

Many sales enablement managers or sales leaders may be struggling to provide the same energy and personalization in their coaching sessions with reps.

Larry has seized the opportunity to embrace the digital experience, video for sales, and new channels to connect and bring his reps the boost they’ve needed. As he’s keen on reminding you, technology is just the extension of the self, you have to make it happen. We couldn’t agree more.

Larry shared coaching tips and a little motivation to get us ready for what’s next

Need a little boost?

Look no further than Larry Long Jr.

His larger-than-life #MiddayMidweekMotivationalMinute on his LinkedIn Stories are the pep we can all use.

A positive smile during uncertain times, Larry frequently shares his energy on LinkedIn Live where he answers the listener’s questions rapid-fire and gives back to the sales community.

Larry has a passionate following and this makes for an entertaining show, and he’s ready for any lull with a variety of surprises including a pink baseball bat and a gold auto-tune-microphone.

He’s all about focusing on sales fundamentals which have been so important during this period of uncertainty.

Actually, they’re also the very same concepts that support buyer enablement.

Be a go-giver is Larry Long Jr.’s sales philosophy

Here’s what to listen for on this episode of The Buyer Enablement Podcast with Larry Long Jr.:

  • In life we’re all told to be a go-getter, that’s fine but Larry Long Jr. shares with us that being a go-getter is more important if you want to be successful in sales
  • It’s a great time to look back on the previous cycle analyze what worked and what didn’t. That energy should always be turned inward first and Larry shares his tips on how to get past obstacles
  • Larry asserts that we all have choices to make and it’s tempting to rationalize choices as “not wrong, but not right.” This is a trap and he shares how to avoid that situation and save your quota.

Here’s where you can jump into the episode:

  • 03:30.00 – How to be a go-giver
  • 07:26.00 – Every day is an opportunity, it’s all about how you manage your energy
  • 09:30.00 – Setup the upfront contract, and never get ghosted
  • 11:20.00 – Practice matchmaking, it will all come back to you
  • 14:30.00 – Setting your core values like, integrity: if it’s not right, it’s wrong
  • 17:30.00 – How to go all-in on doing the right thing, especially during tough times
  • 21:45.00 – How to audit yourself to future-proof your sales success
  • 25:25.00 – Don’t let the tech be a crutch, you must use technology to extend yourself, not step in for your weaknesses
  • 30:00.00 – Sales is still apart of the customer journey, you can play a role earlier and later than the point of sale
  • 34:00.00 – Why you should focus on getting better when times are tough
  • 35:45.00 – Why you should focus on just getting 1% better every day
  • 37:00.00 – Larry’s Midday Midweek Motivational Minute