Ethan Beute on How Video for Sales Makes You The Differentiator on The Buyer Enablement Podcast

Ethan Beute is the Chief Evangelist for BombBomb. He breaks down why you are better face-to-face when it comes to driving engagement in B2B—even post-pandemic.

Video for Sales Brings Life Back to Selling

On the podcast, Ethan advocates for video messaging in your business development efforts and explains exactly how you can scale creating personal connections with an asynchronous video.

Before you click send consider how your message will come across. For many, the best way is just a simple conversation. Sellers need to consider their medium for content. Video for sales messaging is one of the best mediums because it removes a ton of friction for your buyer and your own workflow, once you get good. Messages are clearer, personality shows, and attention is easier to get through video messaging.

Listen to Ethan Beute’s actionable video tactics at the 28:00.

“You are your own differentiator,” says Ethan. Listen for more on how to make the most of your one shot to connect with your buyer.

Ethan Beute on Episode 02 of The Buyer Enablement Podcast

Skip to some powerful moments from this episode:

  • 6:08 – 9:12 You are better face-to-face. At scale, that’s called an asynchronous video strategy.
  • 13:25 – 13:55 How to know if your best is going out before you click send. Always play to your strengths.
  • 19:35 – 20:35 Where to go to start creating content. Do what feels natural at first and double down on what starts clicking, then go all-in on what starts getting results.
  • 20:42 – 27:20 Pandemic trends that are here to stay.
  • 25:30 – 27:20 You are your own differentiator. Here are Ethan thoughts on leveraging video for sales and your own personality to create customer experiences that stand out.
  • 28:40 – 35:26 Actionable video tips and mini video coaching session with Ethan Beute and Josh Fedie.
  • 36:04 – 43:05 How to win in the work-life blend, your personal story is welcome on LinkedIn and it’s a great way to deliver a customer experience that connects.
  • 47:37 – 49:52 Growing your relationship in the account one video at a time is entry-level ABM. Everyone you talk to should have a memorable experience.

Ethan Beute is the Chief Evangelist of BombBomb. He brings video messaging to marketing and sales professionals. Enjoy clearer communication, human connection, and higher conversion with personal videos!

Ethan’s company BombBomb is rehumanizing professional relationships. They make it easy to build relationships through email, text, and social media with video messaging.