Buyer Enablement Podcast EP8 “Selling During Crisis” Featuring Jonathan S. Otero

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Jonathan is the Founder & Lead Trainer of Digital Sales Sync and the Host of the Selling During Crisis Podcast.

Digital Sales Sync is a Social Selling Training company based in Orlando, FL. created out of a need to reinvent himself in his sales role. In order to standout he decided to dive into learning and understanding the power of social selling, but where to start? He questioned how do I even build my brand? What tools could I use to get my prospects to want to meet with me? 

So he experimented, networked, and failed forward into learning.

Eventually he learned enough to where he was being asked to help his peers with the new skill he had honed. And then a major life event happened, he got fired from his job. What do I do now? That’s when the blessing happened and he realized not only had he developed a new skill but he also built a brand. The one thing nobody can take away.

That’s how Digital Sales Sync was born. Through studying mentors and experts, mixed with personal experiences, he created a Social Sales Training that teaches anyone who wants to learn how to: CONNECT, CONVERT, & CLOSE

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The biggest problem facing businesses today is not a selling problem it’s a buying problem. Simple transitions or complex solutions, no matter what your business’s approach to revenue is, it seems buyers never feel confident enough to move forward.  That’s where this podcast comes in. To bridge the growing gap between the old way of sales and the new way people buy. Host Josh Fedie Founder & CEO of is here to connect you with real stories of Buyer Enablement. Get winning tactics and actionable takeaways from experts and revenue leaders.