Big Announcement | On The Rocks Episode 08

Josh and Jerod hosts of On The Rocks

This is a big one. Josh and Jerod are back with a big update for anyone currently seeking employment. We know that times are rough out there for a lot of people and we want to do our part. More on that in the episode.

On this 8th episode, we discuss the recent virtual Coffee&Closers event put on by Closers Media.

Our CEO, Joshua Fedie was honored to be a part of their first-ever virtual event. Just a few weeks previous to this they sold out a theater in downtown Minneapolis. They transitioned the energy and brand from their live in-person event from the theater to a virtual experience seamlessly, it was a perfect example of how you can run a powerful virtual event yourself. We discuss some of the tactics employed for the 200-person plus live digital event. Shout-out to Garrio Harrison, Allison Bedore and Kate DiLeo for pulling this off.

We also play a clip from a recent BombBombCustomer Experience Podcast” where Ethan Beute, MBA, and Josh discuss the different ways to personalize your sales efforts.

Jerod Greenisen talks about his recent post on the SalesReach blog on how to successfully manage a remote sales team.

Following all that is the big one. An offer from SalesReach to any job seeker looking to stand out while applying for jobs.

On Episode 08 of On The Rocks:

01:20 – How to Run an Awesome Virtual Webinar with Closers Media

Here’s the episode fo Closer’s Media virtual event, Coffee&Closers.

05:30 – Two Kinds of Personalization with BombBomb

Watch the full episode of BombBomb’s “The Customer Experience” podcast.

09:22 Managing Remote Sales Teams

Read more about managing a remote sales team.

15:20 Announcement for anyone who needs help in their search for their next job

Read program details and sign-up.

Behind the Scenes: Technical Difficulties