Get BETA Access to Record Videos in SalesReach for the Most Personalized Buying Experience Possible

Look, sales can be a difficult job and sometimes it can feel like you’re not being recognized for the hard work you bring to each deal. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes your buyers aren’t even aware of.

Why is that? Here’s what I think, you are more than a plain text email. You have more to offer than three the three words, “Just checking in.”

Your personality and sense of humor have closed more deals than we will ever truly really know. That’s called leverage. It’s the truth, people do business with you because they trust you. They may even give you business simply because they just like you more than the other person.

Video is the best way to make a connection in today’s selling reality. With so much uncertainty on people’s minds these days, salespeople need to go the extra mile to win deals. Creating personalized videos is the best way to help people feel more confident about their decisions and earn their trust.

That’s why we’re excited to announce BuyerVideo!

BuyerVideo is the easiest way to simplify the purchase for your customers

I want to give you early access to BuyerVideo and our new video features. This is a limited run. Only a few people will have access to video in SalesReach at first. Right now, it’s only for customers.

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SalesReach started with the Content Management System paired with the Visual Builder so salespeople could, in the easiest way possible, create personalized digital experiences for each and every prospect. In less time it took to write the email the salesperson was going to send now they could create a buyer portal to manage the whole relationship with the prospect.

Salespeople can be crafty if given the opportunity. We’ve seen just how much video has meant to them when creating buyer portals. We’ve also seen just how incredibly NECESSARY video technology has become to our lives, especially now.

However, we’ve noticed that’s there’s something missing with video tools today.

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Most video tools are limited to just creating and sharing an isolated video. What’s important isn’t the video. It’s the experience you create for your buyer with the video.

Videos you create in SalesReach will be paired with the SalesReach buyer portal to offer customers the most value with every interaction and start conversations that are in-depth and really personalized.

With our mission to give salespeople the easiest to use high-impact tools possible we happy to share that video with you in a way, we know reps will love.

BuyerVideo in SalesReach is as easy as a point-and-shoot camera, a Zoom call, or an Instagram story.

Record quick and simple videos to get out front with your prospects and start earning trust.

If you’re feeling like you’re getting ignored, if your emails are getting read the wrong way, or maybe you’re just not the best writer. This is for you.

Adding BuyerVideo to your outreach will be a huge boost. Bring your personality into the sales process in the easiest way possible and make a personal connection. 

You’ll get noticed and recognized for all the hard work and prep with a ‘wow’ from your customers. Because you’re not just telling them, you’ll be showing them with a personalized video made just for them. 

I bet that if you were able to be a little more yourself with your next opportunity you’d see the results you wanted.

Let’s get out from under all these emails and build a connection like we’re supposed to, human to human. 

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