Being Desperate Never Closes with Joe St. John of AutoFi on The Buyer Enablement Podcast

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SalesReach Founder and CEO, Josh Fedie got his start in sales selling cars and learned a lot 20 years ago that set him up for a career in sales. It’s no secret that the experience of buying a car, for many buyers, notoriously favors the supply side of the transaction. Joe St. John, our next guest on The Buyer Enablement Podcast is laser-focused on the demand side of auto sales.

Joe St. John and AutoFi are transforming the way car sales happen. St. John has a passion for sales operations and he’s an expert on the world of auto sales. St. John has 15 years working of in sales departments and revenue operations experience at car dealerships. He’s been a national director of training and taught 1,000s of sellers on modern sales practices.

Now, he’s the Head of Digital Retail for a startup in Silicon Valley called AutoFi.

AutoFi helps buyers with everything from shopping and comparisons to point of sale and financing. They’re transforming the world of automotive sales.

Joe’s episode was packed full of actionable advice for sellers who are looking for better ways to connect with buyers. For St. John, there are three core appeals that sellers should focus on. These appeals have proven themselves to be effective and have stood the test of time.

Joe suggests sellers focus on positioning any sale with the right appeals toward credibility, emotions, and logic. The biggest one for Joe is appealing towards emotions.

You have to find a way to get the buyer to feel confident, to feel like they’re making the right decision. You need to have emotional intelligence and a high degree of empathy. For Josh, that’s what buyer enablement is all about.

Listen to the episode to hear exactly how to use this framework and more from Joe St. John.

Joe St. John on The Buyer Enablement Podcast advises sellers to give control to the buyer and focus on creating an experience.

What you’ll learn from Joe St. John:

  • A seller’s superpower in any negotiation, the emotional state that kills deals, and how to avoid it
  • How car dealerships are changing their point of sale to be wherever the customer is and how that might apply to your business
  • Actually, you don’t need to be passionate about your product but you need to be passionate about solving problems St. John walks us through how to spot the story buyers tell themselves and how to position the product as a solution.

What to listen for on episode 5 of The Buyer Enablement Podcast:

5:23 — #Socialselling made this podcast happen

6:10 — Video messaging is by far the best way to hook attention in sales today

7:29 — How to get in front of the right people

9:05 — How do you measure the ROI of an emotional relationship? You can’t but creating one is a powerful sales tactic.

10:15 — Why Josh quit his car sales job

11:49 — Denny Hecker is in prison

11:30 — Joe St. John’s podcast is “The Lot” it’s all about people who used to sell cars and where they’re at now

13:02 — Here’s Joe St. John story of selling cars, and his passion for sales

14:02 — A brief 2,000-year history of sales by Joe St. John

16:10 — Salespeople have the most fun, here’s why

16:20 — The Enabler Mailer, a newsletter just for sellers brought to you by SalesReach

17:48 — Know your product, be the expert your buyer needs

19:30 — Joe St. John, “Confidence is the secret to closing.”

21:40 — Sales is about identity, not products

22:45 — Connect your buyer’s experience, get their story, and complete it for them, the sale will follow

24:30 — Negotiation should never be hard

25:55 — Here’s the mindset of the best salespeople, the top reps

27:00 — How you can use the takeaway close the right way

Two emotions in sales that matter the most in closing.

29:45 — “Desperation never closes, it thwarts deals. It is the opposite of confidence, the closing superpower.” Joe St. John

31:00 — Slack + Salesforce acquisition news interrupts the podcast

37:00 — Changing the game with buyer enablement in auto sales

39:00 — “When you enable that customer to be in the driver’s seat, to feel like they’re in control of this process, the walls go down and the likelihood of a profitable transaction goes up.” – Joe St. John

44:15 — Modern retail meets the checkout experience needs of each different kind of buyer, we all buy things differently. However, we all want a great experience when we buy.

Joe St. John is the host of The Lot podcast. On The Lot Joe shares stories of real people who got their start selling cars. Real stories of real people who took real ups.