Announcing: “SalesReach Hired” Use SalesReach for Free to Land Your Next Job

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30+ million Americans have lost their jobs.

The team SalesReach wanted to do something to help.

Announcing “SalesReach Hired” a program designed to give free access to anyone who has been let go and actively look for a new job.

SalesReach was created to give people in customer-facing roles a fast and easily scalable way to offer personalization and better experiences to the people they’re doing business with.

In this case, you can use SalesReach to sell—well, your experience.

Leverage SalesReach features such as:

  • Video messaging – record and share videos to bring life to the application process
  • Asset management – put your resumes, cover letters, case studies, and other application materials into SalesReach to bring them all together
  • Message templates – get your core messaging set up, then personalize it in your outreach
  • Visual page builder – bring everything together in modern experience and quickly create pages that you can update in real-time
  • Analytics – get a sense for how your application is performing
  • Call-to-action buttons – share your calendar link, give the hiring manager and easy one-click way to contact you, or link to another engaging piece of content

If you’re currently unemployed and looking for your next role, we want to help give you an unfair advantage by gifting you FREE access to SalesReach as a way to hyper personalize your outreach to hiring managers.

SalesReach Hired Example

Example SalesReach page featuring JoshBot

How to get your free SalesReach account

Please fill out this Google Form and the team will be in contact as soon as they can:

Please allow us some time to process your request. We are all committed to ensuring we can help as many people as we can and will respond as fast as we can!

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