A little help from my friends| On The Rocks Episode 10

For anyone who works in sales or marketing, you know that relationships drive business. Other reps on the floor can push you to be a better rep, other marketers on LinkedIn can inspire you to get more things done, and customers can reveal to you a perspective you would never have imagined.

That’s the focus of the return of our video clip series, “On The Rocks” in our tenth episode.

It didn’t feel right to have a happy hour and do a show for another socially distant Google Hangout. No, we want to do this show right. Doing it right means capturing the laughter and authenticity.

That is until I had to get pulled away. That’s what happens when you’re working for a startup, you make plans—and then you pivot so hard that you see stars.

But we keep going!

Josh took on the show alone—but we wouldn’t have a show if not for a little help from our fantastic friends.

Episode 10 of “On The Rocks”

First, Todd Hockenberry was on our new podcast.

That’s right! SalesReach has a podcast. “The Buyer Enablement Podcast” you can find it wherever you listen to your favorite shows.

You may have heard grumblings on LinkedIn about the following phrases:

  • “these uncertain times”
  • “healthy and safe”
  • “I’m just checking in”

Well, you can add one more to the list of post-pandemic social faux pas.

Todd asserts that asking, “how are you doing today?” is not something empathetic people ask and therefore has no use in sales.

Everything within context—we know that. However, you can be more creative with your opener.

In our next clip, Josh was put on The Schmidt List. If you were to ask me, it’s because he never logs anything in CRM… but this is Kurt Schmidt‘s live YouTube show. That’s one of the topics they discussed—what Salesforce actually offers sellers and what we can take away from Mark Benihoff’s explosive growth story.

Here’s where the show takes a turn.

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